Violet Hill Farm

Reviving Heritage Homesteading Traditions

Want to know what it's like for turkeys here at Violet Hill? AP photographer/writer John Manchillo braved some serious cold to snap some pretty cool photos of what we do! Seen here in the Daily Mail, UK .

Holiday Turkeys

*PLEASE NOTE!* We have closed down online ordering options... If you are still interested in a turkey, please stop by the union square stand today or try calling 845 665 3718. Down to just the last few! Happy Thanksgiving from the Violet Hill Farmily ❤

Well, the bulk of 2018 has been an adventure I'd rather not repeat! But I've finally finished this before Thanksgiving. Yay, small miracles...

So! Let's talk turkeys. We have scaled back a bit this year and, in true farming fashion, something has to go weird... the birds are running a bit wonky so we will be down to 2 categories as below. But they could change, as those of you whom have ordered previously may have experienced. 

There may possibly be a few heritage Narragansett/Palm crosses, if they make weight. 

Mostly useful info...

*Price is $6/lb, to be weighed at time of sale. 

*Your $20 deposit will be deducted from your total sale price, at that time. 

*Birds have been fed an organic feed and have been out on grass when they haven't been hiding from the rain (that has made me question building an ark)

*We will be available for pick up regular market business hours on the Saturday and should be ready for 8 am on Wed. We do ask that you plan on picking up your reserved bird by 2pm. If you cannot make it by that time, please make arrangements with us. That is generally our time to try to move leftover birds.

*Please be patient. Now until the final delivery is slightly overwhelming for us. Trying to predict size is a barely educated poke in the dark. We will do our best to get you exactly what you would like. If it's too big, share a plate or 3- Thanksgiving is awesome like that. Too small, we should have some extra parts available. Slide those in on the serving plate, no one will notice - they'll all be eyeballing your pie selection anyway. Cause, c'mon, pie. As always, we are most thankful for our customers all year long. Most of you are more reliable for coming to market than the mailman. You're the best. Thank you. 

*Please be sure to read the disclaimer below PRIOR to ordering.*

*Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE!! Violet Hill is a for real farm. The turkeys arrive very fresh at the market for pick up. What does that mean? They will be growing on fresh pasture and noshing on non GMO feed until then!! With wonky weather, anything may go with their weights! Please be flexible in your plans and understand we will absolutely do our best to fill your requests for both breed and weight. No matter what happens, farming is always an adventure and makes a great Thanksgiving Day tale for your Thanksgiving guests.