Violet Hill Farm

Reviving Heritage Homesteading Traditions

Black Sheep BITTERS   For Health & Celebration!

Black Sheep is still just a baby Libation Company with so much more to come but...!

Up First, Bitters!

Snake Oil, Single Extraction Tincture, Bitters, Delicious... Whatever you want to call them, Bitters are single extraction grain alcohol tinctures that, beyond *medicinal benefits, happen to taste awesome. They can be used culinarily in cocktails, cooking applications or just because of that "WHOO!" you get from a drop on your tongue. All plants are either wild and sustainbly harvested from unsprayed land OR grown right here at Violet Hill Farm with no sprays or yucky stuff. Wildcrafted on the farm and brought to you at Union Square and Greenpoint/McCarren Point Greenmarkets every Saturday. Coming soon online. 

*These statements have are not regulated by the FDA and are for educational purposes only. Please consult with a doctor prior to use as a dietary supplement.