Violet Hill Farm

Reviving Heritage Homesteading Traditions

Want to know what it's like for turkeys here at Violet Hill? AP photographer/writer John Manchillo braved some serious cold to snap some pretty cool photos of what we do! Seen here in the Daily Mail, UK .

Holiday Turkeys

WE WILL HAVE TURKEYS! This hasn't happened for several years but we ran out of time before we ran of of turkeys this year for Thanksgiving. We will be at the Union Square Greenmarket Saturday December 24th for pickup - NO LATER THAN 1PM! Please understand that we have NO control over the size of the birds coming in, they will be randomly sized between 14 and 25lbs. We will do our best to get in the range you choose but it will be first come, first served to size of bird. It's another farming adventure with us and turkeys! If you have a size preference, please email that to us HERE after you place your reservation below. All birds will be $5.50/lb, deposit deducted from the total price at time of sale, some will be our heritage black crosses, some whites. Thank you!!

NO- NO- GMO!!  We use a Non-GMO feed for our always on grass, pasture raised, broad breasted white & black turkeys that will be available again this year from Violet Hill Farm at Union Square Greenmarket.  

*Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE!! Violet Hill is a for real farm. The turkeys arrive very fresh at the market for pick up. What does that mean? They will be growing on fresh pasture and noshing on non GMO feed until then!! With wonky weather, anything may go with their weights! Please be flexible in your plans and understand we will absolutely do our best to fill your requests for both breed and weight. No matter what happens, farming is always an adventure and makes a great Thanksgiving Day tale for your Thanksgiving guests. 

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have!  Thanks so much for your business...

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